Set up Sister City Relationship between Greensboro NC and Yingkou, China  

As the invitation of Xiangfan Municipal City’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Mr. James Montague who represented here as the City of Raleigh, paid a visit to Xiangfan City during 7th-9th November, 2008. The two cities are in process of entering into a sister-city partnership with the positive intention of creating better understanding, promoting cooperation and genuine partnership for mutual benefits in the potential fields. During the stay in Xiangfan City, Mr. James Montague has received warm welcome, Xiangfan administration has attached its importance to his trip and standing deputy mayor, Mr. Shi Zhenqiang, and deputy mayor, Mr. Yang Xuchun has met with him. James has got touch with automobile and auto parts manufacturing enterprises, textile factory, industrial park, hospital and school. He has also visited the historical sites of city. They both have expressed the appreciation for the positive and practical exchanges between both sides, and the persons who have made effort for these issues. The heart of all Sister City programs is an agreement signed by the representative of each city confirming their commitment to the program.


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