F7 Development under the leadership of James Montague has expanded its scope over the years and now specializes in International Business and Government relationships concentrating on Economic Development, Education, Health, and the creation of Sister Cities to promote the cooperation and partnership of International entities. Due to his continued efforts and ever growing portfolio of successful projects in excess of 10 Million USD.

International Expertise
Awarded a $100,000 grant from Sister Cities International funded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Trilateral Partnership between China, Nigeria and the US.
This grant was awarded to help alleviate poverty through partnership between these 3 countries. F7 is now working on renovating 2 women’s hospitals in Osogbo, Nigeria.F7 Development had a formal signing between Sister Cities International, Osogbo Nigeria, Asheville NC, Raleigh NC, and Xiangyang China. This event was held in Nairobi, Kenya. F7 Development was awarded this grant due to the strong connections established with various Chinese Government Officials. Asheville NC and Sister Cities International contacted James Montague to bring his international expertise to the partnership. As a result of this partnership being so successful F7 Development is now working with OPIC and Ex Im Bank to help Osogbo with housing, Pharmaceutical Production Facilities, and other various projects. F7 International Development is also doing business in Nairobi, Kenya with the Xiangyang, China Government to develop a Chinatown Nairobi. Nominated for US China Business Relations Person of the Year 2013 !

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you set aside your differences and focus on the greater good and the people who stand to benefit,”